New to Modelling

FAQ's Photographers

1. Q. How should I approach a model to shoot with?

A. Find a model you would like to work with on here, and send them a Private message and add them as a friend. using the Private Messaging system in the top right hand corner, or you may prefer to send them a message using the email system on here.

2. Q. How to find out about levels with out putting your foot in it!

A. Always look at the models portfolio and look at the levels they say the shoot at. also look at their portfolio to see examples of what styles they have done before. Also ask them what levels they are willing to do? but dont say will you do xyz. let the model tell you.

3. Q.How do you convey ideas to the model?

A. the best way is to come up with a mood board or download pics you like from the internet that you have found from things like google or pinterest. Then you can send the image to the model in a email or whatsapp etc. as its alot easier than discribing a pose where you can get confused.

4. Q. How will the model know where to be and when?

A. always commuincate with the model about when they are free to book a shoot. Tell them if its a Studio or location shoot. tell them where the studio or location is and where you will be to meet them or what car you have or what your wearing etc. so you can easily be found. always be early if you can but communicate if your late or going to be stuck or ill.

5. Q. How may photos do i get? where can i use the photos?

A. Always talk to model about where your photos are going to be put online. As some have family and or employers that might not like the model images being seen. If its Time for pics or then discuss how many images they want in recompence for their time.
I always send the model all the images in a lower file size so they can choose which pics they like me to edit.

6. Q. How to make sure both people are happy with images?

A. Allow model to see back of camera as well as allow model to see what images you have and which ones dont work or not liked. send them small sized images to choose the ones they like. Also ask them if there is any edits they want done. do they want minimal touch up of spots or bruises? or more heavy edits like body size and wrinkles.

FAQ's Models

1. Q- Who can model
A - Anyone who wants to. Most photographers are interested in people not an ‘ideal’ type. It is not necessary to be a certain size or shape. Being professional and communicating well is more important than looks.

2. Q - Should I get paid to model ?
A - Some photographers prefer to pay models and this means a they can use this image as they wish and are not under pressure to provide images to the model. ( Most photographers do seek model approval of images and
share edited content but not all)
Non payment shoots - Time for Pictures are called (TFP).
If it’s TFP you don’t get paid but the shoot is collaborative and you both get images you want. Ensure you agree the number of images and timescales ahead of the shoot.

*Note - You may want to consider doing an initial shoot is TFP with a very reputable and established photographer who you can trust.
Once you have some understanding of modelling and have invested in some basic accessories and make up you may then wish to start charging an hourly rate.

3. Q - How to I approach a first shoot.
A - If it’s tfp decide on a level you are comfortable and looks that you want cover. Discuss with the photographer and plan the shoot.

4. Q - How do I approach a first shoot
A - Decide on levels you are happy to do and make this clear in your initial communication with the photographer, hourly rate if paid or agreement if TFP.
Make up can be time consuming when you are new to modelling and hair so it is better to do this before travelling to the shoot. If you want the shoot time to incorporate make up and hair then make this clear to the
photographer at the planning stage. For initial shoots you may want to take a chaperone - advise the photographer of this. If not then ensure a trusted person knows your location and shoot times - call them on arrivial. Wear
loose clothing to the shoot to avoid marks on the body from straps etc and ensure you have drinks and snacks. Modelling can be very physical and tiring. Not all photographers provide beverages and food ( most do ! )

(to be continued)