Which camera(s) to you use and what lenses?

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Which camera(s) to you use and what lenses?

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I use a Sony a7 ii, my second foray into mirrorless cameras. My first mirrorless was a Sony a7R iv 61 mpx which produced huge files and they took forever to download but I could not get on with it. Sold it and went back to my trusty Sony a68 which has to be my favourite. But, and it is a big but, the day before Jo-Anna arrived for a garden shoot which would be in bright sunlight I caught the flash remote trigger and it broke off leaving part stuck in the hot shoe and I can't get it out. (any helpful suggestions to removal would be welcome :D ) I had spent the day getting the flash settings for the garden but the shoot went fairly well without the flash as can be judged by the images in my gallery.
As mirrorless cameras are now the only ones that matter I bought the A7 ii as a replacement and I am finding it as good as the old a68 although it has yet to be properly put through its paces.
Any comments or tips on the Sony a7 ii will be welcome. :)
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Re: Which camera(s) to you use and what lenses?

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No idea about Sony i am afraid :( I have a Canon 5D and a 550D. I will go mirrorless in the future when I can afford it, hopefully by then (a couple of years) the prices may come down a little!! :)
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