I had a similar text a few weeks ago saying it from my daughter and to call her on a new number as she had lost her old phone. I did'nt because I knew my daughter would have emailed or used face book messenger if she needed to contact me with a new phone number. It did initially seem legit. I'm really pleased to hear that you did suss it out before too late. What a horrible experience.

Dont be angry with yourself, it happens to the best of us. The good news is that you are getting your money back and its only your pride that has been hurt. The other good thing is...... you won't fall for it again. Scumbags the lot of them who prey on other people, its not acceptable at all. Sorry for your trauma you went through,

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Been a traumatic few days. I got scammed on Friday. I thought I knew all the tricks but I got taken hook, line, sinker and two smokin' barrels. Got a text from what I thought was my daughter saying she had broken her 'phone and needed to make an urgent payment and without verifying it was my daughter (mistake No.1) agreed to make the payments for her. Then she said move to "WhatsApp" as it is easier to converse (mistake No. 2 as it is end to end encrypted). I then agreed to take a call from...

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