Welcome to Photographers and Models.

The following will help you navigate the website and how the various features work. 

These are your DAILY limits on the site for those that are interested to know.

New messages - 30

New pages - 5

New groups - 10

New events - 5

New photos - 30

New videos - 5

New polls - 5

New friend requests - 50

File uploads - 10



In the members TAB across on the right hand side of the page, you will see a list of members. When you rest your mouse pointer over a user (hover) you will get a popup which will display a bit of info of that user along with the gender colour background as well, just in case you weren't sure. Pink for girls, Blue for boys and a mix for those that don't define their gender upon registration:

user for photographers and models


Page Categories

This tab is a quick way of looking at the different pages created in various categories. This is an alternative way of jumping quickly to the type of page you are looking for.

Page categories for Photographers and Models



The photos TAB shows you the latest photos that have been added to users profiles. You can hover over the top of an image to see who uploaded it, and clicking on the image will open it up in a modal window so you can view comments, likes and other information.

Photos on Photographers and Models


Top Members

This is a list of the top 5 members of the website in so far as to how many points they have accumulated. Points are awarded everytime you post, or create something including uploading of an image. Points are going to be used for other things in the near future, so for now, keep accumulating your points and an announcement will be made in due course. Hovering over one of the top members will reveal a little more info which you can click on to view that feature.

Top members of Photographers and Models


Events Calendar

The events calendar is useful to see at a glance what events are taking place in the future. (you can also view previous events) When click on a date that is highlighted in blue on the calendar, this will show you a little detail of the event underneath the calendar. You can then click on this event to see the details.

Events on Photographers and Models



The events TAB will show you a list of events in the future only. This may be useful for those needing access to events quickly in the near future rather than using a calendar to view.

Events of Photographers and Models



Groups are used to group together like minded members on the subject that they wish to discuss and provoke conversation. This includes the uploading of images within the group. You have to join the group to be involved and anyone can invite someone to the group so they can be involved.

Groups on Photographers and Models



The Pages TAB will show pages that have been created by users. Think of these pages as discussions that users want to use to talk about a specific subject. There is a small amount of info on this TAB that gives you a little insight as to how popular these are.

Pages on Photographers and Models


Map Members

These are members on the site. Clicking on a map icon will reveal the user. If you require a larger map, click on expand in the upper right hand corner as indicated on the image.

Map members


How far is someone away from me?

When viewing the Members link on your profile, you will see a list of members on the website. This also gives you the distance they are away from your location, as long as you have set your own location correctly.

How far is a member away from me?

When clicking on an individual member anywhere on the website, it will show you the distance that member is from your location:

distance away from members on a users profile



Conversations can only work when BOTH members are friends. 

Conversations are instant and a much quicker way to handle a conversation that needs to be said quickly.  A much more convienient way than email.

Instant Conversations on Photographers and Models



Please report any issues to the user ADMIN. We will look into any problems and resolve them as soon as we can.

If you have any ideas on improvements or things you would like to see, then we would love to hear from you. Drop the ADMIN bod an email and we shall add it to the pile of suggestions, tweaks and problems.

Thank you. 😊